The Best Online Pharmacies for 2021

You need your meds right now, but the nearest pharmacy is closed. Or the drug is too expensive. Sounds familiar? Well, you can avoid most of it, and reduce the search time by ordering medications online.

6851 Fresh Pond Rd, Queens, NY 11385, United States | (718) 456-7300 |

The pharmacy is great! If they don’t have my medication ready when I get there, they try to get it ready asap. The pharmacists are always very helpful and knowledgeable!

It seems maybe LEGACY SPECIALTY PHARMACY is understaffed? They are incredibly slow. Both inside and at a drive-through. Getting them to answer the phone is challenging as well. I had problems getting Rx transferred from another pharmacy for this reason. It should have been simple, but it wasn’t. Cashiers up front are friendly and helpful, but the pharmacy could use improvement for sure!

Colombo’s Pharmacy [Rating: 4.8]
7551 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11379, United States | (718) 418-9700 |

Chris and the staff have always been so amazing! They have always been very helpful whenever I have any specific pharmaceutical questions. They also are very attentive and help me get the right brand of drugs that I need, which can be difficult to find a pharmacy to be that accommodating. If anything changes with a doctor’s script or they ever have any questions, they always call to double-check, and that’s also rare for pharmacies to remember clients and connect with them on a friendly and professional level.

This Colombo’s Pharmacy never lets me down… They are super helpful… They suggested a few apps that have coupons like GoodRx, and instead of my prescription being over a hundred dollar, it was only $34

AJ Woodhaven Pharmacy [Rating: 4.9]
62-04B Woodhaven Blvd, Rego Park, NY 11374, United States | (718) 899-2001 |

I love this pharmacy. I feel like they know me by name, and I honestly feel like it really has a small-town feel to it because they treat me like family. I will always give them my business.

I’ve now gone twice to pick up an order from this AJ Woodhaven Pharmacy. The first time they said my order wasn’t put in, which was false. When I was able to try again, a week later, I went to pick up my order, and they said it was ready last time. I was frustrated. They then told me it was cheaper to get it over the counter, and they had a supply a few aisles over. They were out. When I asked if they had any in the back, I was told no and to try again next week when they stock the shelves. They say third time’s the charm. That shouldn’t apply to the number of weeks to pick up a prescription from your doctor. Get it together.

Peace Love Pharmacy [Rating: 4.9]
63-52 Woodhaven Blvd, Queens, NY 11374, United States | (718) 651-1000 |

Great customer service, and their gift selection is fabulous! I love how tech-savvy Peace Love Pharmacy has become as I’m able to pay with tap-technology, Google pay, etc. Also, I can call in my RX by typing in my number even after hours. Every time I go in, the pharmacists know my name, ask how I am, and I even get my dogs’ meds filled here for much cheaper than I would at the vet! I wouldn’t go anywhere else and will continue to support the local business here in our community. Fabulous job to all the employees who give their all.

I want to like them and will be happy if they ever call me back! I am very frustrated with the service, and I am waiting for an important herbal medicine! It was supposed to be in almost ten days ago, and I keep calling, and they say they will call me back and they don’t! Now I go another weekend without the herb that really helps double my dwindling milk supply. This is so frustrating! I wish they would call back and tell me if it came in like they said they would! Terrible customer service for me.